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Seed Distribution

The aim of any Seed Exchange is to enable people to get hold of seed of plants that they would not otherwise have access to. Some plants are scarce in cultivation, confined to a number of specialists, some are just not plants that nurseries would stock. We hope that the Saxifrage Seed Exchange, which is new this year, will encourage members to grow saxifrages from seed - one of the most enjoyable and rewarding of methods whether you are a complete amateur wanting to grow a random selection, or a specialist looking for a potentially interesting novelty.

Seed from all sources: wild collected, species or any garden saxifrage seed is welcome. Even if you do not have a great quantity of seed please send it in - all will be welcome. It should not be assumed that any seed donated is "true" unless it has been grown, or pollinated, in isolation. Please mark packets with any relevant detail. Seed from North American sources of wild saxifrages would be particularly welcome. Seed, even seed as small as saxifrage seed, is susceptible to damage if not packed well so please try to send seed with some sort of protection such as a padded envelope.


Seed should be sent to John Howes, 42 Louis Street, Hull, ENGLAND, HU3 1LZ by 1st October although seed sent in earlier will aid the production of the Seed List.

Seed List

Lists will be sent out immediately after this date and those wanting a copy of the Seed List and Application Form should therefore send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to John Howes by 1st October.

Requests for seed should be returned for 10th November (which should ensure that overseas members have time to return their lists) and seed will be distributed immediately thereafter. Donors will be given priority.


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